As our region of western North Carolina fights against COVID-19, WNC Health Network is donating our skills and expertise around data, convening, and facilitation to supporting regional pandemic response strategy conversations, bringing together public health communicators, as well as supporting ongoing regional conversations around food insecurity and food systems. To learn more about what is […]

Last month we passed a significant milestone as public health agencies submitted their Community Health Improvement Plans (CHIPs) to the State using electronic Scorecards. Unlike a printed plan that gathers dust on a shelf, this format shares real-time information with stakeholders about how our health departments, hospitals, and other partners are working together to improve […]

Macon County Public Health’s Strategic Planning to Address Overweight & Obesity Involves Key Stakeholders In the current community health assessment (CHA) cycle, Macon County in western North Carolina identified “overweight and obesity” as one of its four health priority areas because it is a common risk factor for many chronic diseases and is one of […]

WNC Health Network creates healthy and thriving communities by helping hospitals collaborate outside of their walls. And while community health assessments are a more public-facing way that we support this connectivity, Bug Club is another great way that hospitals work alongside each other in our region in the best interest of all of our residents. […]

By Nelle Gregory, RN, MPH Many chronic health conditions and most dental diseases are preventable if we eat healthy foods, exercise, get good sleep, limit our stress, and practice good oral hygiene. Many of us have the information we need to make good decisions, so why do we sometimes fail to follow our healthcare providers’ […]

Beth Booth, originally from the coast of NC, became health director of Graham County, NC in November, 2017. Since landing in her leadership role with Graham County Department of Public Health, she has led the agency in bringing back primary care and in streamlining services, working creatively to leverage auxiliary and support staff in the […]

The new Journal of Appalachian Health was created through a collaborative effort between several academic institutions and organizations located within the Appalachian region. The journal is an online, open access, peer-reviewed journal with a mission of creating a healthy and thriving Appalachia. Marian Arledge, executive director of WNC Health Network, is pleased to represent the organization […]

WNC Health Network is proud to have created a suite of materials to help our WNC Healthy Impact partners communicate with local stakeholders about their community health assessment process, including a short video about the CHA process and WNC Healthy Impact partnership in WNC: Please feel free to share this video with others – whether […]