Convening hospital leaders, partners, and staff from across the region supports cross-agency dialogue around emerging healthcare and community concerns, creates opportunities for sharing up-to-date information and best practices, and promotes collaborative solutions on regional priority issues. As needed to respond to health and healthcare priorities and concerns, WNC Health Network convenes cross-facility peers and partners.

In addition, our staff provide support for improving the effectiveness and impact of other convenings, primarily through our work with Results-Based Accountability™.


As a core function of our organization, we strategically connect agencies and information in new ways to get better results in community health and healthcare.

For example, sharing data and best practices to shape strategy, or connecting potential partners to promote alignment, collaboration, and optimization. Contact Us to learn more or talk with our team about current opportunities to connect.


WNC Health Network provides a range of support services to hospitals and their partners in western North Carolina, via core agency strategy, grant-funded efforts, and fee-for-service contracts.

Contact Us to learn more about how we currently, or could, support your health and healthcare improvement priorities and efforts in WNC.